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Jerry Jones: Gov. Christie is part of Cowboys' mojo

Jerry Jones won't go anywhere without his good luck charm.

On his weekly radio spot on KRLD-FM, he referred to New Jersey Governor and euphoric owner's box hugger Chris Christie as part of the team's "mojo," and said that he won't be going anywhere without him anytime soon.

In short: You have been warned, people of Green Bay.

Jones and Christie provided one of the more enjoyable moments of the playoffs so far. Their uncoordinated, sweaty embrace and botched double hi-five amid what was the best playoff game of the weekend reminded us all that even the titans of industry and government can be reduced to bumbling pre-teens at the right moment.

Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on the duo to step their game up this Sunday at Lambeau Field in the Divisional Round.

As a New Jersey resident, it's almost refreshing to see a politician refuse to succumb to public pressure. Many with aspirations for a higher office would apologize for being out of state and slowly trudge back to their helicopter. But this really does seem like a dream come true for Christie. How else could you explain that hug?

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