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Jerome Simpson glad Matt Cassel's in Vikings' huddle

Days after Josh Freeman was relieved of his duties in Tampa Bay, our second quarterback switch of the week has taken place in Minnesota -- or, more accurately, London -- where the Vikingswill face the Pittsburgh Steelers with Matt Cassel at the helm.

Let's be clear: Christian Ponder, sidelined with a fractured rib, could be out of a job if Cassel lights it up. The winless Vikings are desperate for a spark, and two of the team's veteran pass-catchers sound open to a switch.

Asked about Cassel, Jerome Simpson said, per The Star Tribune: "He has great composure. You can just tell he has that leader in him. It's good to have him in the huddle. We still love Christian but it's the next guy up if a guy is injured."

Greg Jennings told reporters, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press, that Cassel is "more verbal, kind of commanding in the huddle."

"If anything that's the difference," Jennings said. "That comes with him having much more experience. He's been in position where he's had to be a starter for years now. He knows what's going on. He's commanding. So is Christian. But as far as throwing the ball, it is what it is. Matt's a very smart guy."

What Matt wasn't, last season, was a very accurate guy. Cassel told reporters Friday that he must protect the ball better after tossing 22 interceptions in his last 17 appearances. Sadly, that's identical to Ponder's pick count in as many games.

If you listened to Wednesday's "Around The League Podcast," the quarterback switch in Minnesota came as no surprise. Injury aside, this was in the mail.

Ponder's play was acceptable against the Cleveland Browns in Week 3, but he's a passer with a low ceiling. There's a sense -- as with Sam Bradford and, perhaps, Andy Dalton -- that Ponder is exactly what we see each week. He's not about to make some special leap.

Neither is Cassel, but the Vikings are looking for someone to guide them out of the abyss. If it doesn't happen soon, Minnesota will be in the market for quarterback help in May's draft.

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