Jeremy Maclin: 'Sky's the limit' for Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez told scribes this week that he's become a "better version" of himself on the field. At least one of his Eagles teammates agrees.

"The Mark Sanchez I knew when he got here was the quarterback that led (the Jets) to two straight AFC Championship Games," wideout Jeremy Maclin said Wednesday, per the New York Post. "He was a quarterback who won at this level as a very high draft pick and did very well with what he was given in New York."

Said Maclin: "Mark can play, man. There's no question about it. He's also surrounded by a lot more talent than what he had in New York, so the sky's the limit."

As we mentioned on Wednesday's podcast, Sanchez couldn't have chosen a better landing spot. After beginning his career under a Jets coaching staff heavily focused on defense, the sixth-year veteran has spent all summer and autumn in daily workshops with one of the league's most creative offensive minds in Chip Kelly.

While arguably running a quarterback-proof attack, Kelly also aids his passers with well-disguised route combinations that get Philly's weapons into space. Sanchez showed in the preseason -- and on Sunday -- that he can operate within this scheme.

With Nick Foles' future in Philly very much in doubt, we still view the Eagles as a prime candidate to draft a young quarterback. If Sanchez, though, can take advantage of the coaching and improved talent, his days as a starter in the NFL might not be over.

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