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Jeff Fisher trolls Redskins during opening coin toss

Jeff Fisher's troll game is as potent as his team's defense right now.

Prior to the Rams' 24-0 win over the Redskins on Sunday, Fisher sent Janoris Jenkins, Michael Brockers, Zac Stacy, Stedman Bailey, Greg Robinson, and Alec Ogletree to midfield for the coin toss. All six of those players were acquired as a result of the Rams' blockbuster Robert Griffin III trade with the Redskins in 2012.

It was a subtle, deft punking by the Rams head coach. How subtle? The individual operating the Redskins' Vine account merrily posted the midfield proceedings, unaware of its historic significance between the two teams.

Speaking of Griffin, the benched would-be franchise savior actually saw some action when Colt McCoy was shaken up late in the game. This is not how the Redskins drew it up.

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