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Jeff Fisher 'not uncomfortable' about his Rams future

The Los Angeles Rams are on pace for a 6-10 season in the wake of Sunday's loss to the Carolina Panthers, but coach Jeff Fisher doesn't seem too concerned about his future with the team.

"Not uncomfortable at all," said Fisher when asked how he felt about his future with the team being undetermined beyond this season. "I'm not uncomfortable at all. I never look over my shoulder."

Fisher did express disappointment in the team's 3-5 start, but emphasized he's still on the "same page" with team owner Stan Kroenke when it comes to the team's direction.

"He understands what we've been through, he's as disappointed as I am at the losses ... He understands that we're competitive, and we're doing everything we can to turn this thing around."

Fisher famously declared to his players before the season that he would "not f------ going 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7, OK?" So far, though, the team's Southern California return hasn't gone to plan. Jared Goff, the team's No. 1 overall pick, has yet to see a game snap (much to the chagrin of some fans) and the team continues to lose ground in a more vulnerable than usual NFC West.

With Case Keenum pegged to start next week's game against the Jets, it remains to be seen if the Rams can end their four-game losing streak. Tough December games against the Patriots, Falcons and Seahawks will complicate the team's efforts to make the playoffs.

As for Fisher, perhaps he should be a little uncomfortable about where he stands. He's never had to ride out a 7-9 or 8-8 campaign with a No. 1 draft pick on his roster.

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