Jay Gruden won't rule out sticking with Kirk Cousins

Acknowledging his place in the hierarchy of the organization, Kirk Cousinsreiterated his understanding Tuesday that the Washington Redskins remain Robert Griffin III's team.

Coach Jay Gruden, on the other hand, is backpedaling from his August declaration that Griffin holds "the keys to the franchise" in his hands.

Asked if Cousins might permanently replace Griffin in Washington, Gruden replied, via the New York Daily News, "Crazy things have happened in NFL. I'm not going to discount anything."

Gruden could have remained noncommittal. He could have changed the subject. He could have brushed aside a long-simmering quarterback controversy and stood firmly behind the charismatic star for whom the franchise mortgaged three consecutive drafts.

Instead, he conceded the reality that the NFL is a week-to-week operation. Plans aren't written in stone; they flow like a river.

As much as the Redskins have invested in Griffin via draft picks and marketing, the episodic nature of the NFL's schedule creates storylines that send seasons careening in directions never imagined. Events can unfold to thicken plots and change plans.

Like many NFL coaches, Gruden is working 20 hours a day and averaging two hours of sleep. He works feverishly to concoct game plans perfectly suited for each opponent.

As we pointed out on Sunday night's edition of the Around The League Podcast, NFL coaches are obsessed with controlling as many outcomes as possible. The last thing they want is a rogue quarterback going off script.

Cousins is better suited to Gruden's offense. He will follow the script to a tee whereas the beauty of RGIII's game is in the freelancing.

Even if a more dynamic Griffin was truly progressing prior to his ankle injury, Gruden realizes that winning games is the NFL trump card.

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