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Jay Gruden not worried about Eagles' offseason moves

PHOENIX -- Redskins coach Jay Gruden shares a division with a team that is quickly becoming the most unpredictable in football, but for now, he's not really concerned with their flurry of moves.

"We're not worried about the Eagles, man, we're worried about what we're doing in our own building," Gruden said Monday at the NFL Annual Meeting in Arizona.

What he is worried about is the progress of his starting quarterback, former No. 2 overall pick Robert Griffin III. This offseason he's working with a throwing coach and is trying to rebuild after what were two lost seasons in 2013 and 2014.

Gruden said that Griffin met with the team's new quarterbacks coach, Matt Cavanaugh, recently and the early reviews were positive.

"He's positive, he's excited, he's healthy and raring to go," Gruden said. "He had his first discussion with new quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh, and that went well. I think moving forward he's got the starting job right now and hopefully he takes it and runs with it."

If there ever comes a time when the Redskins can have some sense of inner peace about their quarterback, Gruden's offseason priority list can change significantly. With a No. 2 selection, so much of a franchise's hope centers around the ability to put that position on auto-pilot.

Instead, Gruden will be watching closely how Griffin interacts with Cavanaugh. He'll hope that he takes a newfound ownership over the job.

» An additional tidbit from Gruden:

It looks like Washington won't be very active in the second- and third-wave of free agency, at least until they get their first look at their current crop of players.

"We're always going to have our handle on the free agency market," Gruden said. "So when we see our guys come back to camp for phase one, see if they're in shape, we'll see where we are as a football team. We feel good about the players we have coming back and the guys we added to our roster. But we'll always have a handle on who is out there in free agency."

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