Jay Feely's son is a ninth-grade special teams assassin

Jay Feely was a solid NFL kicker. He played 14 seasons in the league, converting 343 field goals for six different teams. His gridiron success led to a second career as an analyst for CBS, a gig he holds to this day. Football has been very good to Jay Feely.

No wonder Feely is supportive of his own children following the path to yellow uprights. And judging by a video shared by Feely on Thursday, there's reason to believe the family name could carry on in the NFL.

OK, that's strong. Making it to the NFL is really hard. But damn, Feely's boy can really drill that oblong sphere! If he's just entering ninth grade, that puts him around 14 years of age. May all our children be place-kicking prodigies.

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