Jay Cutler rallies late to lead Bears to win over Browns

The Chicago Bears clearly were the better team when they visited the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. The Jay Cutler-led Bears overcame three turnovers -- two returned for touchdowns -- in a 38-31 victory.

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Here is what we learned about the victory that kept the Bears in playoff position:

  1. The Bears' Jay Cutler is who we thought he was. The quarterback looked healthy and mobile. He was classic Bad Cutler in the first half. He forced throws where he shouldn't have and missed a slew of high throws. His two interceptions kept the game closer when it should have been lopsided in Chicago's favor. If not for Alshon Jeffery snagging a desperation heave (which should have been intercepted), we could be discussing how Cutler's mistakes cost the Bears the game.
  1. Jason Campbell looked like he should be playing quarterback in the Mid-American Conference. His two interceptions were terrible and his check downs were obnoxious. There were times when it looked like he was skipping stones to Josh Gordon.
  1. Speaking of Gordon, it's a miracle how he's put up stats the past few weeks. He somehow ended up with 67 receiving yards and a late-game touchdown reception (to make fantasy footballers happy). Gordon was open for at least double that yardage if Campbell put the ball on him.
  1. I'll give partial credit to Tim Jennings for his coverage on Gordon. The Bears made it difficult on the receiver, bracketing him often.
  1. We could put it in here every week: You can't give Matt Forte enough credit. Repeat: You can't give Matt Forte enough credit.
  1. Joe Haden left the game with a hip injury in the third quarter and did not return. The Browns were leading 24-17 at the time of the injury.
  1. The Browns couldn't take full advantage of the Bears' poor run defense. Cleveland's lack of a run game showed.

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