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Jay Cutler, Jets have mutual interest in one another

It's happening. Smokin' Jay Cutler hasn't been free 24 hours and he's already heavily linked to the New York Jets.

(Tabloid headline writers short-circuit their electronic device drooling.)

After being released by the Chicago Bears on Thursday, Cutler was immediately linked to the Jets, who have a clear need for a veteran quarterback. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport said Friday on Good Morning Football the interest is mutual.

"The Jets do have some interest in Jay Cutler. And I'm told he has interest in them as well," Rapoport said. "At this point it's really a matter of fit. There are a couple questions the Jets have to ask themselves: Is Jay Cutler the kind of quarterback that you want in your quarterback room? They have a couple young guys who they'd like to bring along -- Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. Jay Cutler does not always have the greatest reputation for dealing with teammates, whether or not that is reality we're not exactly sure. But do you want to bring Jay Cutler into your quarterback room? That's one question. It is pretty obvious, though, he is the best veteran quarterback option out there. I would expect some sort of contact between Cutler and the Jets some point soon."

Cutler has never been viewed as anyone's idea of a budding QB tutor -- of course, Tom Brady hasn't exactly been known as an active coddler of talent either. What he does possess is a wealth of experience in many different systems -- some of those coordinator changes necessitated by his own erratic play.

Cutler is the best bridge quarterback available now. And the Jets have the bridgiest need of any team. With two young quarterbacks not ready to play -- and perhaps a third coming in the draft -- Gang Green needs someone capable of running an offense, even if he won't improve their chances of winning. If it comes down to Cutler and Geno Smith, Jets brass might decide to dance with the devil they don't know.

If Cutler wants to continue his career, landing in New York could be his best shot. It's a match that seems too obvious not to happen, even if the moody quarterback might rue dealing with the largest media contingent in America the day after signing.

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