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Jay Cutler deserves praise after big win over Patriots

The Jay Cutler we saw on Monday night -- the guy who lit up the Patriots for three touchdowns and no interceptions -- is the Jay Cutler I know all too well. No, not from his playing days on the field with the Bears. Oh gosh, no. But mostly on my Xbox as I was crushing the competition.

There would be seasons where I would try to go the whole year without throwing a pick. I'd get like six games in, throw an interception and then rage-quit only to try one more time. And normally, I'd end up throwing an interception anyway. I would just accept the fate. Kind of like the Madden Gods would be like, dude, this is Cutler. He's going to throw an interception at some point. So I would deal with it and move on.

But Monday night was something else. He'd always have these kind of games with the Bears. Hell, he had a game like this in Week 9. But he has games like this and then follows it up with an absolute bust. So he'll likely throw four picks against the Bills this week. However, I would like the Madden creators to give Cutler the benefit of the doubt this week and boost that player rating. Give us one week to bask in the glow of a monster game. He's earned it. I swear, I almost think I even saw him smile after the game on Monday night. It might have just been my imagination, but I really do believe that I saw it.

Hey, here are some other guys who could use a ratings boost this week.

» Antonio Brown is no doubt he best receiver in the game. We don't argue this. But DeAndre Hopkins has a pretty good case for the new No. 2. I know some like to prop Julio Jones, but Hopkins is better. And he does it with a worse quarterback. Hopkins had 11 receptions for 149 yards and two touchdowns this week against the 49ers. I know, the NFL's easy mode. But it was still a rather incredible performance. He should be in the 100 Club for sure.

» Rod Smith looked great against the Giants. And yeah, I don't know if there's a mode easier than easy. But that would be the Giants. Still, I don't want to scoff at 47 rushing yards and a touchdown. Along with five receptions for 113 receiving yards and a touchdown. I mean, just the receiving yardage alone. Smith ranked sixth in Week 14 with those 114 receiving yards. He should get his boost while he can enjoy it because Ezekiel Elliott is scheduled to return in Week 16.

» Allow me to stump for Tyrell Williams, too. The Chargers receiver looms in the shadows behind Keenan Allen and (in some ways) Hunter Henry as well. Williams had four receptions for 132 yards and a touchdown this week against the Redskins. He's going to get a chance to prove himself against Marcus Peters and the Chiefs. I believe he's up for the challenge.

» You want one more? All right, how about Marquise Goodwin. He entered last week's game with a stretch of four games with at least 65 receiving yards. He ended up with six receptions for 106 yards against the Texans. He's not getting into the end zone enough. Well, not enough for me. But I do like what the future holds for the 49ers with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and Goodwin. I'm not saying it's going to be Montana to Rice. Maybe like a modern-day Alex Smith to Michael Crabtree. Ah, that doesn't quite work either. I'll keep working on it.

Until next time, keep hitting the B button!

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