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Jay Cutler: Bears extension won't 'break the bank'

The Chicago Bears finally found a legitimate quarterback when they acquired Jay Cutler. They aren't about to let him go.

Cutler's contract is up after 2013 and he's already talking about an extension. Serious negotiations are expected to begin in the offseason.

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"I'm not gonna try to break the bank," Cutler said Tuesday on ESPN 1000. (Cutler's agent just cringed.)

The host of the show, Tom Waddle, jokingly asked if Cutler would take 50% off to make a new deal.

"Ah, c'mon," Cutler said, via "We can talk like 5 or 10 (percent off), but 50? This isn't a going-out-of-business sale." (Cutler's agent just cringed again.)

Hometown discounts are an overrated concept. NFL agents are paid top dollar to extract top dollar. Cutler might take slightly less money because he's still got a year left before free agency, but his agent will make sure Cutler gets his due no matter what he says publicly.

"I want to be on a successful team, and I know that paying one or two or three players premium (salaries) hurts your chances of being able to bring in extra talent," Cutler said. "So when we get there, we'll figure it out."

You can find some faults in Cutler's game, but trading for him has been a clear win for the Bears. They know it, he knows it, his agent knows it. He won't get a deal in the Drew Brees-Tom Brady neighborhood, but don't expect Cutler to have to sacrifice much here.

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