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Jason Witten: I do not envision this being my last game

Jason Witten's NFL return hasn't gone exactly as planned when he fled the television booth for the comfort of his old Starred helmet. Entering his 255th career game with the Dallas Cowboys Sunday against the Washington Redskins, the 37-year-old conceded there is a possibility it's his final game.

"Sure, it's a possibility," Witten said, via ESPN. "I'm aware of that, but really, one of the things when I came back to play I was committed to going out there and playing every game and opportunity. So fortunate to do it. There will be time to make that decision, but I do not envision this being my last game."

Witten added that he'll decide on his future "pretty quick" after the season ends.

When that decision comes will depend on whether the Cowboys end their season with a win over the Redskins and get help from the Giants beating the Eagles, thus backing their way into the playoffs.

It's been a disappointing season in Dallas, one that has a talented team staring at missing the postseason. Despite the struggles, Witten doesn't regret his decision to return.

"Look, it doesn't always go where you're going to get a 13-3 (record) and a (No. 1) seed and a bye and home playoff games throughout," Witten said. "Sure, you think about playing in those games and that's what drives you is winning championships. I knew for this to be successful, it's kind of like a quarterback: you've got to win games. But I'm proud of the way I played and still have an opportunity in front of us. Yeah, 100 percent, I've got conviction (that) it was the right thing to do and proud of the way I've gone about it."

If Witten wants to return for another season, it will be interesting whether Jerry Jones insists on bringing him back or whether a new coach would resist retaining an aging player whose best days are clearly in the past.

Witten is third in receptions on the Cowboys with 59 for 505 yards and four TDs, which tells you as much about the Dallas offense this season as it does the tight end. Witten has suffered some brutal drops and runs about as well as the Tin Man after a rainstorm.

Whenever he eventually hangs up the cleats again, Witten said he plans to get into coaching, not head back to the TV booth.

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