Jason Pierre-Paul presents check to hospital burn unit

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul spent his Wednesday presenting a $20,000 check to the New York Presbyterian Hospital burn unit and visiting with survivors.

While the news surrounding him for the next few months will be connected to free agency and his eventual destination, it's important to take note of how incredibly well he has handled this past year -- undoubtedly his most turbulent in the NFL.

Pierre-Paul lost his right index finger and parts of several other fingers on his right hand after a Fourth of July fireworks accident in 2015. He missed eight games, but returned midway through last season to log a sack, six passes defensed, two fumble recoveries and 21 tackles. He said the whole incident probably made him a better player.

"As I was sitting in the hospital on July 5, there were a lot of burn (victims) in there. And I was one of them," Pierre-Paul said at New York Presbyterian, via NJ.com. "And just walking through the hospital, I saw a lot of burn people. People that lost hands, people that lost legs, due to fireworks incidents or whatever. And it just made me think, every time I look at my hand, it just made me think about the burn center."

Teams will question Pierre-Paul's character as an impending free agent, but we wonder if they'll take the time to look at the way he's handled himself and the media throughout this season. At just 27 years old, the rub on Pierre-Paul has always been maturity. However, aside from an initial clash with the Giants over seeing him in the hospital, what hasn't Pierre-Paul done over the last few months to make us believe he's a changed man?

Pierre-Paul has answered every question about his incident and even joked about it to teammates and reporters. Now, he's doing the right thing by lending his time to people in a similar situation.

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