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Jason McCourty wants to remain in New England

The McCourty Twins will return for another NFL season. The question is whether the pair will be on the same team again.

Devin McCourty, the longtime Patriot, has one year left on his contract in New England. Jason McCourty is set to be a free agent.

Jason prefers to re-up in New England, if possible.

"First and foremost, if I could be back in New England and all of that works out, that would be awesome," Jason said, via Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston. "That way it wouldn't be the third consecutive year I had to move my family. That would be an advantage. But at the same time you realize how much of this is a business and how much of this isn't dictated by (the feeling), 'Hey, I just want to play here with my brother and the guys I built a relationship with.' There's so much more that goes into it."

Jason McCourty spent the first eight years of his pro career in Tennessee before being released in April of 2017. He signed with the Cleveland Browns for one season and was traded to New England for a late-round draft swap last March. The 31-year-old has never been a free agent at the start of a new league year, but enters the third straight offseason of uncertainty.

"For me, (the approach will be) letting it play out," he said. "When March rolls around we'll see where everything's at and then at the end of the day we'll see where the opportunities are and then make a decision."

Along with his game-changing Super Bowl pass break up, Jason McCourty earned a solid season in New England, generating a top-10 coverage grade from PFF in 2018, and showing no signs he can't stick with speedy receivers in coverage. A short-term deal to remain in Foxboro could make sense for both sides, if the veteran doesn't go after a bigger-money deal elsewhere.

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