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Jason McCourty: Playing with bro like Pop Warner days

Anyone with a sibling around his or her same age might have dreamed the same dream: Battling together to win a championship at the highest level of competition, hoisting the championship trophy as a family.

After playing nine NFL seasons, Jason McCourty finally gets a shot to fulfill that dream after a trade sent him from the Cleveland Browns to the New England Patriots, where twin Devin resides.

"For me, I'm excited just about the opportunity just to be able to now share the field with Dev and to be able to do something we grew up loving," Jason said, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. "With this opportunity, you think back to being 10 years old waking up early to head to a Pop Warner game. Now, at this point, I'm just excited about being able to go through offseason workouts with him along my side and be able to catch up and see how much we've grown since the last time."

The twins had hoped to one day share the same defensive backfield, just as they did in Pop Warner, high school and college.

For Jason, joining the Patriots provides a golden opportunity to end his career-long playoff-less drought and taste a little of the team-wide success his brother has enjoyed.

"Being able to watch my brother's success, it's been really cool," Jason said. "Being twins, growing up extremely close like we did, the one thing that you kind of always wish the maximum amount of success for your brother. For me, to kind of be at a close distance to be able to see the things he's been able to attain individually and also as a team has been really cool just to be a part of it just as a family member."

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