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Jason Kelce: Eagles' O-line 'a disgrace right now'

Eagles center Jason Kelce, arguably one of the best offensive players Chip Kelly has left, has hit the wall.

After a 1-3 start, he's doing what good players do and he's taking the blame onto himself. In the locker room following a last-minute loss to the Washington Redskins, one where the Eagles' defense was again stranded on the field for far too long, Kelce let loose.

"Bottom line is our defense plays good enough, our offense struggles to move the ball when we don't do our job, and that's been the thing from the (expletive) beginning of the season," Kelce said, via Comcast Sports Net. "That's been exactly what stalled out our offense from the beginning all the way through these first four games. And right now we don't run the ball when we need to, we don't pass block when we need to, and it's a disgrace right now."

Philadelphia's defense has spent about three minutes per game on the field longer than any other unit in football. DeMarco Murray has fewer than 50 yards and fewer than 30 carries on the season and he's clearly unhappy, too.

Looking at Kelly's plan, it's easy to envision what he was going for. This was supposed to be an offense that could be everything: Manic and efficient when they need to be, brutal and clock-draining when they're ahead.

Kelce is right to a point. The offensive line is not blocking to expectation but they are facing an entirely new set of circumstances. Teams are blowing up gaps and Murray has no room to work.

So while it's noble of him to take the blame, it's not just his fault. It's not any one person's fault on the field and that is a huge problem.

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