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Jason Garrett never worried about new deal in Dallas

Assuming Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett wins a handful of games this year, he'll surpass Jimmy Johnson (44) for second place in the franchise's all-time wins list.

He'll have a long way to go before hitting Tom Landry, (250) of course.

But as the Dallas Morning News pointed out on Saturday, he's actually had quite a run in the NFC East over the years.

Garrett has more wins than any other coach in the NFC East since he took over Dallas' head job in 2011.

All of this leads us to actually believe Garrett when he told the Morning News that he never thought about his contract despite the fact that owner Jerry Jones made him earn it, waiting until Garrett could prove that he could lead the Cowboys deep into the playoffs.

"A big part of the culture we talk about is controlling what we can control," Garrett said this week. "I can honestly say to you that I never really thought very much about that. What I do every day is I wake up and try to do everything I can to build the kind of football team that we all can be proud of."

At this point, there's plenty of pressure on Garrett to succeed, but there's also plenty of security.

Assuming a deal is reached with Dez Bryant, he has the franchise playmaker and offensive line intact for another half-decade at least. He has a Pro Bowl quarterback and a great staff on defense.

Basically, it's pretty good to be Garrett right now.

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