Jason Campbell tabbed Cleveland Browns' starting QB

The Brandon Weeden era is all but over in Cleveland. Browns coach Rob Chudzinski announced Wednesday that Jason Campbell will start Sunday's game in Kansas City.

This is as strong an indictment of Weeden as a franchise quarterback as the team can possibly make. Campbell is a 31-year-old journeyman quarterback who did not look good in Chicago last season, and he did not particularly impress Chudzinski throughout the offseason. Why else would he not be taken seriously as a starting candidate in the offseason compared to Weeden and Brian Hoyer?

Campbell was an option of last resort. He was a "break open only in case of emergency" selection. Weeden's play this season gave the Browns little choice. The second-year player completed only 17 of 42 passes against the Green Bay Packers last week for 149 yards. The offense couldn't operate, and Weeden's confidence appeared shot.

Trent Richardson and Weeden were taken in the first round of the 2012 draft by former team president Mike Holmgren. Richardson is now struggling in Indianapolis, and Weeden is quarterback non grata in Cleveland.

At 3-4, the Browns are on their third starting quarterback of the season. They have a defense that could keep them around .500 all year, if they get reasonable help from the offense. We expect Campbell to keep the job indefinitely. Weeden will stick around as a backup this season, but his future with this new Browns regime is decided.

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