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Jason Bell's 5 Things to Watch in Week 5

Each week through the 2019 season, former NFL defensive back and current BBC analyst Jason Bell will highlight five things to look out for that weekend. Watch Jason twice a week on the BBC.

Here are some key things to look out for in Week 5.

The Raiders and the Bears go head-to-head in London

We have the London Games! The first thing I want to mention is the significant of teams making it to the Playoffs. In the past 2 seasons the winners of the London games have made the Playoffs. I think that's a testament to, not only coming out here and being successful, but also the bonding experience that happens. It seems to carry teams to success throughout the year. I think because the games are so early in the season the teams are just starting to get their identity. So, it has a massive impact on the process of becoming a team. I really like to see that. The battle to me is this Bears defense. Everyone is talking about how great it is, because it is! Facing the Raiders offense, I think that's going to be the battle. Jon Gruden is one of the best scripting play callers so he's going to ride out about 15 to 20 plays and that will give the Raiders and opportunity to start fast. They will use their best plays against what they think the defense is going to give them. I think the Raiders need to start fast if they are going to have any success against the Chicago defense. Hopefully if they can do this it will give their offense a bit of confidence facing the Bears defense. As for Chicago, let's see what Chase Daniels does. If he can run this offense the way Matt Nagy envisions it, then it's going to be hard to beat Chicago

Golden Tate returns to the Giants

Golden Tate coming back is huge for Daniel Jones. He's facing Mike Zimmer's Viking defense and he's one of the best defensive minds. The team obviously has a great defense and are within the top ten. This is going to be a battle; this is a very even match team because with Golden Tate coming back it gives Jones another intermediate threat along with his tight end. Evan Engram is a flat-out star in this league, and pairing him with Golden Tate is going to cause some matchup problems. Daniel Jones is a guy who does well seeing the field, and this give him a lot of options. It's also the perfect time for Golden Tate to come back because he only has to get on board with the way Daniel Jones does things having not played with Eli Manning this year.

Can the 49ers remain the only unbeaten team in the NFC?

I knew the 49ers would be good on offense but the way they are playing on defense is what is really special. They wanted to improve that defensive front and that is what has happened. They are stopping the run, which is key, that always gives you a chance. They are also causing turnovers; you want to win the turnover battle and they are doing well with that. Kyle Shanahan's offense is one of the best offenses in the league, when it comes to the run and pass fusion. Every move they make looks the same and that's really confusing for the defenses and Kyle Shanahan is doing a terrific job in the way he is play calling. I think it's the best in the league. They are the only undefeated team in the NFC and right now if they pull off this win verses the Browns I think they will be the best team in the NFC West. I say that because you are what your record is. All these teams are close, and anybody can beat anybody, we saw that with Seattle Seahawks coming out on top against LA Rams. So, if the

49ers come out victorious, for me, they are the top team in the NFC West

Can Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs be beaten?

When it comes to the Chiefs, obviously everyone talks about Patrick Mahomes and that offense, and how you stop him. I think that you don't really stop him. To have any chance of beating them you have to stop the surrounding cast. You have to find ways to go out there and stop his options and you saw Detroit try to do that. You saw them have success somewhat because of the tight played game. I think the Chiefs now have to be careful because that's on film and people are going to try and limit his options and stop him making the great plays he can. You're not going to stop Mahomes just by focusing on him, you have to focus on everybody around. The defense is getting better and I think the reason why they will is Steve Spagnuolo is a good coordinator and right now teams feel they need to score a bunch of points against them. Against the Chiefs you get everybody's A game, as far as aggression, because you've got to outscore Mahomes and that offense. So the defense needs to continue to play well and understand that they have to take everyone's best shot. Let's see how they progress over the season and I know Chiefs fans will be hoping their defense will step up and win those games.

Can the Packers and Cowboys bounce back?

Now this is the game of the week as both teams need to bounce back from their defeats last week. Right now, the NFC as a conference is up for grabs and these are two teams that have the opportunity to go and take the reins. This is going to be a tough battle with Green Bay coming down into Dallas but Aaron Rogers has had success there before. Let's not forget he won a Super Bowl out there. The question is can this Dallas Cowboys offensive line bounce back from getting beat up by the Saints? They need to get Ezekiel Elliott back to running the ball and running at this new Green Bay defensive line. Green Bay has played well on passing downs, when they can get after the Quarterback. So, I think for Dallas to win the need to stick to the run and establish that with Elliott and that play action pass off. If Green Bay are to win, they will need Aaron Rogers magic especially as Davante Adams is hurt. He's been the one who's been making all the play so with him out I think that impacts him a lot. But this is the time for someone else to rise up if they want a chance to win.

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