Jarvis Landry isn't satisfied with 'Top 100' ranking

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry isn't resting on his laurels after a break out Year 2.

Last season Landry set an NFL record for most receptions by a receiver in his first two seasons in the league with 195 and also shattered the Dolphins' single-season reception mark (110).

His production on the field earned him a Pro Bowl invitation and placed him on NFL Network's "The Top 100 Players of 2016," occupying the 98th spot.

Players fortunate enough to be selected on the "Top 100" list usually have an interesting response upon hearing the news and Landry was not an exception.

"I honestly was honored, but disappointed at the same time," Landry said, per ESPN. "I think any guy that isn't No. 1 believes he should be No. 1. If not, I don't want to play with them; I don't want them around me. That's just the way I see it, and that's my competitive nature speaking out a little bit."

The Dolphins record-breaking wideout wants to build on his 110 reception for 1,157 yards season in South Beach.

"I feel like for me, [there is] always room to get better no matter how much you've accomplished, what you've done or what you can do," Landry said. "For me, I'm focused on continuing to build on my strengths, finding weaknesses in the details of our routes, details of catching the football, assignments and trying to master them."

Landry can improve on being a better red zone target. He only had four touchdowns last season and nine in his career. The LSU product can also work on his deep threat ability. Landry averaged 10.5 yards per reception last season, 105 among qualifying wide receivers.

Along with his improvement, the third-year receiver's ascension up the "Top 100" will have a lot to do with the continued progression from Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill's last two seasons in Miami were nearly identical, but the Dolphins want more from the man they signed to a $96 million extension.

We'll revisit Landry's ranking about a year from now.

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