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Jared Allen says he's '100 percent ready' for SB50

Jared Allen desperately wanted to play in the NFC Championship Game two weeks ago, but Panthers coach Ron Rivera kept the pass rusher out for precaution due to a foot injury.

The veteran told NFL Media's Nate Burleson at Monday's Opening Night that he plans to play in Super Bowl 50.

"I feel great," Allen said. "Honestly, I feel, hopefully, I'll be a tremendous factor in this game. So, as far as physically, 100 percent ready to go, just preparing like normal."

Allen participated in practice on Monday, along with the rest of the Panthers. Rivera slow played any decision on the pass rusher, saying Allen will have to make it through the week in order to see the field.

While he isn't the force that compiled a career 136 sacks, Allen still provides the Panthers' pass-rush rotation added juice. Ranking No. 9 all time in sacks, Allen has just one career takedown of Peyton Manning. He hopes to get a second in the Super Bowl.

"He gets rid of the ball so fast, he's so smart, he knows where the ball is going before he even snaps the ball. So, I've hit him a bunch of times, that counts, right?" Allen said laughing.

Even a diminished Allen will be a boost when the Panthers get after Manning with a Lombardi Trophy on the line.

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