Jared Allen healthy, not worried about sack-free start

Jared Allen joined the Chicago Bears riding a streak of seven consecutive seasons with at least 11 sacks.

Through four games with the Bears, Allen is behind pace. The veteran pass rusher is still looking for his first sack, in fact.

Is this a sign that Allen isn't a fit in Chicago's system? Is he no longer the same player in his 11th season? Allen won't hear any of it.

"Goodness, I led the team in tackles (against the Panthers)," Allen said Wednesday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. "I was laughing with somebody and said, 'Well, that whole thing about me not playing the run anymore has got to be out the window.' I think I have a season-high tackle total already.

"If I was playing bad ball, I would let you know," he continued. "Coming off that Jets game, obviously, I didn't want to catch pneumonia. I felt I was in a good rhythm coming off that game, and last week, I just could have used some of the weight back on a couple of things."

Allen's aforementioned bout with illness ended his streak of 113 consecutive games in Week 4. He lost a whopping 18 pounds, and is only now starting to succeed putting the weight back on.

As for the sack deficiency, Allen isn't worried.

"Do I want all the sacks? Absolutely," he said. "Will they come? Absolutely. My technique in my rush is good. I don't really have a lot of false movements, and you've just got to keep working. They'll come."

We shouldn't doubt him. Allen is one of the most consistent pass rushers in the history of the NFL. He probably won't sniff the 15-plus sack total of his glory days, but Allen is going to take down some quarterbacks. Likely as soon as Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

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