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James Jones: Hoodie is now a 'good luck charm'

James Jones' hooded sweatshirt first became a social media sensation back in mid-November during the Packers' 30-13 victory over the Vikings.

Jones initially donned the hoodie to battle the harsh Minnesota elements.

Now that the Packers are traveling to sunny Glendale, Ariz. for a bout with the Arizona Cardinals at the indoor University of Phoenix Stadium, Jones will jettison the hoodie, right?


On Wednesday's version of Around The NFL, Jones explained to Andrew Siciliano that his teammates won't let him discard the green garment.

"I wear the hoodie in practice. They always say practice how you play. So I said I'm going to wear the hoodie out in the game," Jones explained. "I guess it's like a good luck charm now, but it all started off just to keep me warm."

Much like Jason and his mythical Golden Fleece, Jones seems to draw power from his hooded sweatshirt.

According to NFL research, Jones is averaging 5.3 receptions and 78.2 yards with the hoodie versus 2.3 receptions and 45.6 yards without.

"This is the first time I've seen these numbers," Jones told Siciliano. "But now my hoodie's really gotta go on now after I've seen the numbers."

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