James Harrison is stronger than you are

So you think you've done a pretty good job hitting the gym as part of your routine? James Harrison laughs at you.

In a light offseason workout, Harrison sets to prove what puny mortals we really are. Want proof? Here's his latest Instagram post. He's only lifting 135 pounds with one arm.

Yep. That happened. Here he is again with 115 pounds. That's nothing. It doesn't even look like he's sweating.

Imagine being excited that you can do five pullups in a row and seeing Harrison do that next to you in the gym. That's when you Charlie Brown walk your way back home and have ice cream for dinner.

Harrison goes a little extreme with this one, but NFL player workouts are on another level in general. You can check out workouts from other elite players at NFL Up!

Daniel Williams is a Digital Features Editor at NFL.com and has now officially ousted himself as a Steelers fan. You can follow him on Twitter @_danielwilliams.

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