James Conner: 'Great vibe' on drama-free Steelers

In stark contrast to last year at this time, the Steelers find themselves relatively drama-free.

All is well it would appear in Pittsburgh and all is relatively quiet. Perhaps it's so quiet, that the Steelers are even being overlooked.

After all, the Ravens are the reigning AFC North champions and the Browns are garnering headlines aplenty.

That all sits just fine with Steelers running back James Conner.

"We got a great vibe," Conner said Wednesday on Good Morning Football. "We don't need no attention. We don't need nothing. We just going to go out there and play."

While the Steelers drama in 2018 was defined by individual issues with running back Le'Veon Bell and receiver Antonio Brown, it equated to team struggles. Pittsburgh missed the postseason with a 9-6-1 showing marred by a horrible start and a late three-game skid.

For Conner, all the talk surrounds a team-first mantra.

"We're gonna try to be the most physical team on the field every game," said Conner, a Pro Bowl selection last season who gained 1,470 yards from scrimmage in just 13 games. "Play for one another. Just play disciplined football. That's gonna take care of itself. We got talent over here. We're gonna put it all together and play for one another and we'll see what happens."

While all is quiet on the Pittsburgh front, losing the likes of Bell and Brown brings about huge changes -- on the field and off of it.

Though he hits the holes hard, Conner's never been known to make waves with his words and wasn't about to do so now.

He admits the team is different and the vibe is different, but every season in the NFL is that way.

"Every year in the NFL, each year is a different team," Conner said. "We drafted guys coming in, so the roster is never the same year after year. It's a different team this year and that's only because we got new players, additions, we had a great draft class.

"Every year the goal and the agenda is the same and that's to win -- win it all. Everybody here, that's what we talk about, that's why we work, that's why we go to practice every day."

The names change, but the goal remains the same it would seem.

Still, it's hard to deny the divergent vibe for the Steelers and the breath of fresh air that comes with the absence of histrionics.

And the one inarguable change that the Steelers' Pro Bowl running back isn't holding out this time around, but ready and raring to go Sunday when Pittsburgh opens up against the defending Super Bowl champions.

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