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Jameis Winston trying to 'get back skinny' in offseason

BEREA, Ohio -- Jameis Winston took a moment away from playfully goofing off with middle schoolers during Friday's Play 60 event at the Rookie Symposium to speak to the media.

After answering a bevvy of social media and character-related questions, the quarterback said his goal -- other than studying the playbook -- during the weeks leading up to next month's training camp is to shed pounds and get in better shape.

"Trying to lose some weight, try to get back skinny," he said of his plans. "Right now I'm 238 (pounds), I'm trying to be my redshirt freshman year (weight), about 230. I mean, learn that playbook too, man, you can never go wrong with that."

Winston's weight became a buzz topic for fans and critics earlier this year, but didn't noticeably hinder him during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offseason workouts.

Questions about off-field incidences that plagued him during his time at Florida State will persist, but the No. 1 overall pick isn't feeling the pressure.

"I have nothing to prove," Winston said. "I believe that people make mistakes, but I also believe that you bounce back from those and I'm just moving forward."

Winston will eventually take over a Tampa offense that was one of the poorest in the league last year. The rookie said he's not deterred by the task of turning around the NFL's worst team.

"You never focus on the negative. You put a big smile on your face and work hard and work to improve every single day," he said.

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