Jamaal Charles: Packers outplayed, outcoached us

The Chiefs were toted as playoff contenders throughout the offseason with key free-agent acquisitions. However, the team's performance against Green Bay on Monday provided anything but.

Don't let the final score fool you. The Chiefs trailed by as many as 24 points in the second half, giving glimpses of previous mediocre squads. Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles, who tallied three touchdowns in Monday's matchup, said the Packers simply outplayed them.

"It looked like they outplayed us, it looked like they outcoached us, and I feel like (Green Bay) came out with a lot of energy -- we didn't come out with a lot of energy," Charles said via The Kansas City Star.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid accepted responsibility for the team's miscues in the 38-28 loss.

"The whole thing here, offensively and defensively, was my responsibility," Reid said, a statement he repeated multiple times.

As Around The NFL's Conor Orr mentioned earlier, it doesn't really matter who the Packers play -- the team is unstoppable under Aaron Rodgers. The Chiefs just happened to be the Packers' latest victim.

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