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Jalen Ramsey: Nine of 10 times, I'd fight back again

If given the chance, Jaguars rookie corner Jalen Ramsey would do his first ejection all over again.

"They probably don't want me to say this, but I'm just going to keep it real with (you)," Ramsey said, via "If I was out there nine more times, I would do the same exact thing. I don't think I should have been thrown out of the game for it, neither do I think (Raiders wide receiver Johnny Holton) should have been thrown out the game for it, to be real with you.

"I'm not going to be disrespected. I'm pretty sure (you) know that about me by now."

When looking back at the scuffle, which took place in the fourth quarter about seven minutes after Jaguars star defensive tackle Malik Jackson was ejected for having words with an official, it seemed relatively tame compared to some of the on-field fights we've seen over the last few years.

Ramsey essentially grabbed Holton by the collar, popped him in the helmet and then latched onto his facemask. Compared to the high flying Judo act put on by Giants receiver Odell Beckham against the Panthers last year, this was simply an after-school slap fight.

But maybe that is the point. As officials watched that Beckham game get out of control last year, and felt the temperature rising amid a chippy Raiders-Jaguars game this Sunday, they weren't going to take any chances allowing the remaining four minutes to get out of control.

Even though Ramsey is saying he didn't learn a lesson, every player experiences something like this early in their career. It serves as a memory point for the next time things get headed on the field -- and we're guessing Ramsey will be a little more careful next time.

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