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Jalen Ramsey: Jaguars are going to win the Super Bowl

Jalen Ramsey was "swagged up" and feeling his oats following Sunday's playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At a fan rally at EverBank Field after the Jacksonville Jaguars landed back in Duval, Ramsey got bold, predicting a victory next week over the New England Patriots, and a Super Bowl win.

"I ain't got too much to say," Ramsey said, via Sports Illustrated. "But y'all make sure y'all bring that same energy out here next week and the week after. We going to the Super Bowl. And we gonna win that b----. We gonna win that b----. Duuuuuuuuvalllll."

Ramsey later apologized for dropping the expletives.

Chalk this one up to a confident player being pumped in the moment.

After the Jaguarslambasted the Steelers for looking past them last week, Ramsey's comments might be spun as Jacksonville players falling into the same trap. That's foolish. This was merely a one-off comment at a fan rally. Nothing more. It would be more surprising if Ramsey -- or any NFL player -- entered a playoff game not expecting to win.

The Jaguars aren't overlooking Tom Brady and the Patriots. Any attempt to suggest such is spin of the lowest order.

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