Jalen Ramsey: I'd tackle grandma if she was on field

Jalen Ramsey made headlines this offseason when he talked smack about Rob Gronkowski. Gronk brushed off those comments.

The two will get a chance to settle the issue on the field Sunday when the Jacksonville Jaguars host the New England Patriots.

Ramsey slightly walked back his "I don't think Gronk is good" comment from earlier this summer while talking to the media on Thursday.

"Might be crazy," Ramsey said of Jags defensive coordinator Todd Wash saying anyone who doesn't think Gronk is great is crazy. "I don't care."

"... He's good. He's good, now. We ain't going to get it twisted. He's good, but, you saying this to me, is this supposed to bring fear to me or something?"

Fear is something Ramsey never displays. One of the most tenacious players on the field, he won't back down from any man.

"When you play the game of football, I feel like, to respect the game, you have to play it fierce," Ramsey said, via ESPN. "I don't believe in having friends on the field. I mean, my brother, my dad, my mom, grandma was out there, it's on. After the game we can be cool. It doesn't matter. That's how I feel like you've got to respect the game of football.

"Football is not a game meant to be played being nice to each other and all that, like Kumbaya. But after the game's over with, that's cool."

He'd take down his own grandmother?

"I definitely would," Ramsey said. "She knows that. Grandma, know that I love you, but she knows that. Would she hit me back? Grandma might not get up from one of my licks."

We have no measurable on Ramsey's grandma currently available. We'll go on a limb and guess she is not a 6-foot-6, 268-pound maniac with a spongy hands who likes to play bouncer.

The Gronk-Ramsey matchup will make for headlines ahead of the pivotal AFC matchup. The question is how much they'll see each other on the field. In the Championship game last year, Gronk saw just three passes his way before exiting with a head injury. Ramsey covered the TE zero times on those three passes.

With question marks for the Patriots at receiver, might Ramsey take a shot at covering Tom Brady's favorite target?

"I'm going to go out there and do whatever the coach asks me to do," Ramsey said. "If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I'm very confident in all of my teammates on the defensive side of the ball. Whoever goes against him, I'm very confident they'll hold it down and I'll do my job and I'll hold it down where I'm at."

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