Jake Matthews 'feeling good' despite surgery rehab

The health of Atlanta Falcons left tackle Jake Matthews is paramount for the team to have any chance of returning to the playoffs in 2015.

But after a disappointing rookie season marred by injury, and a subsequent Lisfranc surgery on his planting foot, it's fair to approach his sophomore season with some skepticism.

Matthews, the No. 6 overall pick in the 2014 draft, just feels more comfortable leaving such skepticism behind.

"It's been feeling good," Matthews said, via ESPN.com. "I haven't missed a day. I haven't missed any reps. I think everyone is sore. It's training camp. But it's doing well. It's bouncing back every day. I'm feeling good."

Adding to Matthews' uphill climb is the fact that he needs to learn a new offense under coordinator Kyle Shanahan. While it shouldn't be a problem in theory, he is only now starting to get used to certain moves and concepts.

He'll have to take on Brian Orakpo in the team's preseason opener on Friday to boot.

"Obviously there was, going out there, I didn't feel as comfortable with the offense," Matthews said. "As practices have come and gone, I'm feeling way better about that. And the body has held up good. So, feeling good about the (scheme) now."

Matthews' snaps will be regulated for sure. But they will also be looked at under a microscope.

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