Jaguars reportedly hire John Idzik as consultant

John Idzik is back in the NFL.

The former Jets general manager, who was ousted after just two years on the job, reportedly has been hired as a consultant for the Jaguars under Dave Caldwell, an executive who turned down the job Idzik eventually received in New York, per multiple reports.

This move will inevitably be met with rolled eyes from Jaguars fans. From an outside perspective, Idzik was looked at as a phony, someone who tricked the Jets into knowing far more about the game than he actually did.

Almost everyone -- including yours truly -- roasted him for one of the most bizarre public mea culpas we've ever seen.

But the truth is, Idzik is a great hire for Jacksonville. He'll be assisting on the salary-cap side of the operation where he's most comfortable. If nothing else, he left the Jets with a trove of money to spend in the future and brought them out of a salary-cap logjam. He also never got a chance to fix the rookie mistakes he was making.

Idzik now will be the first to admit that he was cold and distant with the media. He'll also admit that his draft prep and scouting needed better support from those who spend their time doing so.

He might also admit that he left Jets owner Woody Johnson no choice but to get rid of him after just two years, a situation that will open a Pandora's box among general managers in the NFL.

Now, though, he gets a chance to climb his way back. Something everyone deserves at least once.

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