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Jaguars owner 'absolutely' open to signing Kaepernick

While Colin Kaepernick's long search for work rages on, the free-agent quarterback has earned the support of Shad Khan.

The Jaguars owner came forward Thursday night to say that he "absolutely" would sign Kaepernick if the team's football personnel wanted to do so, per Mike Dempsey of 1010 XL/92.5 FM in Jacksonville.

Kaepernick has failed to find a suitor after parting ways with the 49ers in March. His high-profile decision to kneel during the national anthem last season in protest of the treatment of minorities in the United States might have turned off some league owners, but not in Jacksonville.

While Khan made it clear he personally wouldn't choose to protest the anthem, he emphasized that he respected Kaepernick's right to express himself as an American.

Khan reiterated he was "open to anything" that would make the Jaguars a better team, but Dempsey noted that "it seems clear ... the football people in the organization don't feel like" Kaepernick is currently the answer to the quarterback issues.

That could change in a hurry if the team continues to get low-level, mistake-prone play out of Blake Bortles and Chad Henne.

With Henne earning the start Thursday against Carolina, it's fair to wonder if Bortles could emerge as a surprising cut candidate come September, something NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport noted as a genuine possibility for the 2014 first-rounder.

If that's how it plays out in Jacksonville, the Jaguars -- and their open-minded owner -- would make plenty of sense as a long-awaited landing spot for Kaepernick.

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