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Jaguars' Mathis hopes injury won't affect chances to re-sign

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Rashean Mathis knows how he will end this season -- by rehabbing his knee to return from the torn anterior cruciate ligament in a Week 10 game against the Indianapolis Colts. Where he will start next season isn't as clear.

With his contract up at the end of the year and an uncertain timeline for his recovery, Mathis' future with the Jaguars is up in the air. The nine-year veteran said he hoped to stay in Jacksonville.

"I definitely would rather play here than anywhere else," Mathis told The Florida Times-Union. "... If it's meant to be, it will be. The things that I can control, I will control, and that's my rehab, that's getting back stronger, getting back healthy."

Mathis already has started his rehab and is scheduled for surgery on Nov. 28. He plans on making a speedy comeback.

"Whatever it's going to be, I'm going to beat the curve," Mathis said. "Whatever month they say I should be running, I'll be ahead of it."

Before the injury, Mathis had 34 tackles and an interception in nine games this season. Since 2007, Mathis has played only one season without missing any games.

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