Jaguars fans put up billboard for DeMarco Murray

Did they do this for Toby Gerhart? I can't remember.

Down in Jacksonville at the moment, a group of Jaguars fans have bought some space on a digital billboard that begs former Cowboys star running back DeMarco Murray to sign with the team in free agency.

The calls for Murray's services come amid a bit of a bidding war for the 2014 offensive player of the year. Sam Bradford is championing his arrival in Philadelphia and Michael Irvin is demanding Jerry Jones overpay to get him back.

For Murray, the safe place is obviously back in Dallas behind one of the league's most dominant offensive lines. The most exciting place is probably lined up with his former college teammate, Bradford, in Chip Kelly's Eagles offense.

But if it's about being wanted and paid, which it always is, could Jacksonville be the answer?

First off, we're excited to see this level of fanfare for an every down running back again. Could we see a billboard for a center or right tackle next?

Also, one has to appreciate a Jaguars fan base that is reveling in the massive amount of cap space that general manager Dave Caldwell has to throw around. Despite some silly predictions to the contrary, he seems content at emptying his pockets.

Now the question is whether or not the same Jaguars fans step their game up as the bidding war intensifies. Maybe two billboards? Maybe a round of golf at TPC Sawgrass?

Seriously, though, did Gerhart get a billboard?

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