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Jaguars RB James Robinson on 20th straight loss: 'You can't wrap your head around that'

With Sunday's 37-19 loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Jacksonville Jaguars became just the second team in the Super Bowl era to lose 20 games in a row.

Only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1976-1977 (26 games) have lost more -- and that was an expansion franchise. The Jags' current streak came after winning their first game of 2020. Since then, it's been 20 Ls.

"You can't wrap your head around that," running back James Robinson said after the latest loss, via ESPN. "We've got to find a way to win.

"We're a really good team. Obviously, our record doesn't show it, but we've got a lot of great guys in the locker room, and we've just got to find something that's going to work for us."

Sunday's loss to the Titans was fairly routine for Jacksonville. The defense struggled to get a stop when it mattered, giving up four straight scoring drives in the second and third quarters that blew the game open. The offense turned the ball over, including a Dan Arnold fumble on the opening drive returned for a TD. Another kicker missed another field goal.

Same old, same old. For 20 games.

The Jags have a shot at going down in infamy by losing their next seven games. They face the 1-4 Miami Dolphins in London in Week 6. If they lose on foreign soil, it's not looking great to find a win. The Jags then take on Seattle, Buffalo, Indianapolis, San Francisco and Atlanta. Jacksonville then faces the Los Angeles Rams in a game that would break the record if they don't win beforehand.

Rookie QB Trevor Lawrence started his career 0-5 with eight INTs, second-most behind fellow rookie Zach Wilson's nine. The No. 1 overall pick, who wasn't part of last year's 15 straight losses, isn't fretting about the infamous record.

"We don't really talk about that [losing streak]," Lawrence said. "I don't think that's good to talk about that. You can't get desperate. You've got to just keep going to work. We're going to win some games. We're going to turn it around, and we all thought today was the day we were going to get that first win and it wasn't.

"We didn't execute enough down the stretch, but we're going to figure it out. We're going to turn this thing around. It's going to be a lot of fun when we do. We want to win. All the guys. We've got so many hard workers and everyone's so invested. It's not a team where you've got guys that aren't really committed or don't care. Everyone's all-in, so it'll come."

Embattled coach Urban Meyer, however, said he sees a team that is desperate to get a win.

"Pretty desperate," Meyer said, per the team's official website. "Desperate for a win. The way they go to work each day, each week … desperate for a win. You can't worry about the past. You worry about the future. We've got to try to get a win … but yeah, they're desperate for a win."

The coach and QB not even being on the same page when it comes to how "desperate" they believe the team is underscores the issues currently festering in Jacksonville.

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