Jags GM: Passports should be mandatory for players

It's nice to know that NFL general managers have the same problems as hurried American vacationers.

The mad scramble for a passport can be troublesome, especially when you need to expedite the process before flying your team and equipment to London for a regular season game.

That's what makes this suggestion from Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell pretty interesting:

"The NFL hasn't mandated that every player have a passport, but if we're going to continue to play games over here, we feel like they should," Caldwell said, via the Times-Union. "It limits you and it limits opportunities for players -- a guy could possibly miss out on coming over here if he didn't have a passport."

As the Times-Union notes, Tommie Campbell and Lou Young both had to jet to Miami during the week to grab passports. The team also had to hunt down the passport for Khairi Fortt after he signed with the Jaguars on Sunday.

Perhaps the process could become part of the now-streamlined combine assembly line, or a mandatory portion of the contract signing.

The breaking point would likely be a high-profile player who was somehow unable to travel to London because of his documentation. Until then, it's just another item on the checklist for these already swamped executives and their staffs.

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