Jacobs, giddy Giants not done chewing the fat with Jets

All of the public, pregame snipping between the two New York teams created a nice storyline to an already-enticing matchup of rivals battling for playoff berths.

The tensions further flared hours before Saturday's game, when the Jetsplaced black curtains in front of the Giants' four Super Bowl logos in front of their MetLife Stadium locker room.

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Once the game finally started, and physical play replaced pregame chatter, the Giants smacked the Jets 29-14, putting Gang Green behind the eight ball in the AFC wild-card race. Big Blue then proceeded to take glee in reminding their rivals of their little-brother status in New York, as Giants running back Brandon Jacobs reportedly exchanged words with Jets coach Rex Ryan after the game's final whistle.

"Time to shut up, fat boy!" Jacobs yelled at Ryan, according to The Star-Ledger.

It didn't end there.

Jacobs told the New York Daily News that he instructed the Jets coach to "shut the (expletive) up," and Ryan reportedly told the running back to "go (expletive) himself."

Jacobs also told The Star-Ledger that Ryan went after him on the field "the way his pops (Buddy Ryan) went after (Kevin) Gilbride."

When asked about the confrontation, Ryan said: "We had a private conversation. That's all I'll leave it as. He doesn't like me. I respect him, but I couldn't care less about him."

The New York Daily News reported Sunday that the league will not look into the altercation.

The Giants' chest-thumping wasn't confined to the field or the locker room, as team spokesman Pat Hanlon took to Twitter after the game.

"On 2nd thought, to our neighbors, thanks for allowing us to visit "your" house (wink, wink)," Hanlon wrote. "We appreciate the hospitality.'

Hanlon later added: "Again, to our hosts...sorry about the mess we left behind. We'll clean it up later. We have a big game in "your" house this week."

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