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Jackson won't talk to reporters about not talking on sideline

Fair or not, Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson has become the focal point for all that's gone wrong in Philadelphia this season. So it was no surprise that Jackson's body language (or lack of verbal language) was the most-discussed aspect of Philadelphia's 31-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks Thursday night.

NFL Network cameras caught him appearing noncommunicative on the sideline with quarterback Vince Young after a mix-up in which Young was looking Jackson's way on a deep route and the receiver didn't look back, and NFL Network's Alex Flanagan reported from the sideline that Jackson wasn't talking.

Asked about it at his locker after the game, Jackson didn't appreciate the line of questioning.

"If that's what they saw, that's what they saw," Jackson said. "I don't have to sit here and answer them questions. My teammates know what it is."

A minute later, Jackson was asked why he was spotted warming up with defensive lineman and not his wide receiver group before the game.

"I'm not answering none of that type of question," Jackson said. "If you're going to ask something about the game, do that. You're asking questions that don't even mean nothing. Next question."

Of greater concern to Eagles fans is what's happening on the field.

Jackson, who's in the final year of a rookie contract that pays him $600,000 this year, started the season unhappy when the team didn't give him a long-term deal.

He had four receptions for 34 yards Thursday night, but didn't run hard on all his routes, and appeared to be limping at times. Jackson was taken out of last week's game against the New England Patriots after dropping some passes, and he was benched a few weeks earlier for missing a meeting.

The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted one unnamed teammate who, asked Thursday if Jackson's head was completely in the game, answered, "No, he's [messing] around."

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