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J.J. Watt: I don't study QB stats, I just go get 'em

When J.J. Watt met with reporters this week, the Texans defensive behemoth was reminded of his career-long success against the Bengals.

In four meetings with Cincinnati, Watt has piled up 18 tackles, two sacks and a one game-changing playoff pick six. Watt, though, could care less about his collection of raucous box scores.

"I don't study quarterbacks like that, I just go get 'em," Watt said, per the Houston Chronicle. "I mean, his team is 8-0 and it's a quarterback-driven league, so he's obviously playing very good football. When you're 8-0, everybody on your team is playing pretty good football."

Bengals passer Andy Dalton is 1-3 against Houston -- including two playoff losses -- but the old numbers feel meaningless. This year's version of The Glowing Ginger Man has set the past on fire, throwing 18 touchdowns to just four picks and delivering big throws on command for the undefeated Bengals.

"He's 8-0, I'm sure he's not too worried about a psychological edge," Watt said of Dalton's past flounderings against Houston. "He's doing all right. We're looking forward to going in there and providing a great challenge. Doing what we can do to help win the game."

People have waited all season for Cincinnati to spiral to earth. Forget about it. They're a legitimate threat for a first-round bye and much more in the AFC. Watt is correct to forget what came before: These Bengals are a new creation.

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