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J.J. Watt gushes over meeting Jennifer Aniston

He met Jennifer Aniston.

Turns out, Watt and Aniston are represented by the same talent agency. When Watt was in the agency's Los Angeles office earlier this week, he was asked if anything else could be done during his visit. Watt didn't balk on the offer and immediately mentioned his "lifelong goal" to meet Jennifer Aniston.

Watt has certainly not been coy about his crush on the "Friends" actress. As die-hard Watt fans can attest to, he frequently posts about Aniston on his various social media accounts.

The defensive end thought the meeting would occur at a later date but fate was on his side as Aniston happened to be in the building that day.

"It was incredible," Watt told The Associated Press on Tuesday night. "She was very sweet. Her initials are J.J. too, so it was really cool."

However, the 26-year-old does regret not taking the opportunity to propose to 46-year-old actress.

"I shook her hand instead of hugging her," he said, joking, "Then I left the room without proposing. It was a complete disaster."

Don't expect the two to become the next celebrity "it couple" anytime soon, folks -- Aniston is engaged to actor-writer Justin Theroux.

"That dream has been dead for a while, which is fine, but I can still joke about it," said Watt, who says he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Watt, who was recently named No.1 on NFL Network's 'Top 100 Players of 2015,' admitted he was flustered meeting Aniston.

"She kept it cool," he said. "I'm thankful for how cool she was. I was absolutely the farthest from cool you could absolutely be."

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