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J.J. Watt bought a cabin in 'middle of nowhere' to train

Last year J.J. Watt famously spent his offseason staying at a friend's home, often sleeping in the dining room, while dedicating all his time to working on his game.

This offseason, the Houston Texans' MVP candidate won't bum a room from a friend. Instead Watt said he bought himself a log cabin in the "middle of nowhere," per the Houston Chronicle.

"It's really minimalistic," Watt said. "The only thing I have to focus on is training and that's the way I like it. There's no frills, there's nothing to distract you up here."

Watt is coming off one of the most dominant seasons we've ever seen from a defensive lineman. The 25-year-old is up for the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year awards, which will be handed out Saturday at NFL Honors, airing Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

Regardless of what hardware he walks away with, Watt will spend his offseason isolated in his cabin, training and improving.

"It basically is who I am," Watt said. "My friends said if we were to look at a house that's you, (the cabin) is it."

Watt added that he plans to build a gym in the cabin's barn.

If he's not recreating the training scene from *Rocky 4* I would be shocked and disappointed.

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