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It's time to move Falcons' White off your roster

This week's Target Report once again sees an unfamiliar name atop the list. What is it with these fantasy free-agents getting all the looks? We'll examine that, as well as a top five fantasy WR you'll want to try to trade, who could be a huge pickup for the second half of your fantasy season and just why the heck are the Bucs all over this column? We answer the tough questions. Maybe next week I'll try to explain 'American Horror Story'. And by that I mean the Browns offense. Or the Seahawks offense. Or…


Roddy White also had 10 targets from Matt Ryan. He seemed to wake up a little bit with a TD but was really a non-factor, like he's been for most of this season. I say if you can flip Roddy White now (ATL has a bye next week) go ahead and do it. Julio Jones or no Julio Jones he's not been productive. How long can you wait? And if you can't flip him, you just have to suck it up and keep putting him in your lineup -- but maybe now he's a flex guy.

Don't read so much into Davone Bess being at the top of the targets list like he was earlier this season. With Chad Henne was one thing, but Matt Moore is throwing short to him and Bess doesn't merit much value, unless you have a ton of guys on a bye and are desperate for a flex play. He could get you 5-7 points but not any more than that. This Dolphins offense is atrocious.

For those of you worried Brandon Lloyd would take some time to assimilate himself into the Rams offense, fear not. A.J. Feeley had tunnel vision for Lloyd, and when Sam Bradford returns expect more of the same. Lloyd is the first real weapon the Rams have acquired for their franchise QB. I think he's HUGE as the season goes on. He'll be a really strong No. 2 the rest of the way.

Pick up Demaryius Thomas right away. Every new QB winds up with his favorite WR and it's worth the gamble to think he's Tim Tebow's guy. (For Eric Decker owners such as myself, I now have to sit him on the bench until he shows me he can be a Tebow weapon.) Tebow looked to him in the red zone for a TD Sunday and remember, the Broncos drafted him in the first round to be their top guy, then he got hurt and is just now starting to show his potential. Be early on him.

Which Bucs WR am I excited about on this list? Mike Williams South (or Mike Williams U.K., to be proper). He's starting to return to form, and while he's not there yet, start putting him back in your lineup. His targets hover in the double digit range every week and it's just a matter of time before he returns to his 2010 form. Dezmon Briscoe (who sounds like a character from a new TV show this fall -- maybe a sheriff of some kind with a mysterious past?) isn't very high on the depth chart. I can't recommend picking him up yet.

Speaking of the Bucs, Kellen Winslow led all tight ends with 12 targets Sunday, and he did get in the end zone. If he's available, go get him and stash him on your bench. He only caught four of those 12 targets, but he's worth watching. Second on that list of targets with eight are Fred Davis, Tony Gonzalez and Dustin Keller. Freddie should be your starting tight end unless you have one of the top five guys. Because Freddie is that good. Yes, I like calling him Freddie. He has a great rapport with John Beck, and with Santana Moss out he'll be relied on more. Keller is pretty interesting. Early on, he was a star. Then he tailed off. Now with Plaxico Burress becoming a red zone threat, teams are going to have to double him, which should open up the middle of the field for Keller. He's not worth starting yet, but keep an eye on him…

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