Is this Norv Turner's final season with the San Diego Chargers?

After blowing the 24-0 lead to Denver on Monday, the calls for Chargers coach Norv Turner's job are louder than ever. Will he see 2013 in San Diego?

For the first time since he's been in San Diego, his job is in actual jeopardy. Perhaps after Monday's debacle ownership will finally realize what fans have known for a while.

I have a feeling the Chargers could rally and get into the playoffs. That could make it interesting, especially if they get in and lose in the first round.

Used to be, under Marty Schottenheimer, the Chargers underachieved in the playoffs. Under Norv Turner, they underachieve in the regular season.

No playoffs, no Norv. In fact, I think Norv will have to go deep in the playoffs to stay employed -- especially if Andy Reid is on the open market and available.

No Norv. This will be the third straight year the Chargers don't make the playoffs. They were 9-7 in 2010, 8-8 last year. In a weak division, they keep getting weaker.

Now he's saying he's going to reduce risks with his play-calling, in essence taking the ball out of the hands of Philip Rivers, who fought to save Turner's job in the offseason.

Really? He's had Rivers for six years and now he's taking the ball out of his hands? I thought Norv was supposed to be an expert on the subject of quarterbacks.

Norv is making a high-stakes play, but he has to. The Chargers have shown no mental toughness in too many games. This isn't all Norv, though. A.J. Smith is culpable, too.

Agreed. Smith dumped more RBs than Ray Lewis. But back to the QB and coach whose job he saved. Rivers threw 20 picks last year. He's on pace for 24. Goodnight.

I think we agree that it's not looking good, but something tells me the Chargers could get in the playoffs and put ownership in a tough position to retain Norv.

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