Is the Eagles' offense even faster with Mark Sanchez?

The Eagles are going even faster with Mark Sanchez under center.

Chip Kelly's breakneck offense, which has caused teams around football to re-think the way they prepare for games, was already moving at an incredible clip with Nick Foles under center.

Now, though, it is going fast enough to force officials to stop the game because they aren't ready.

According to, that means a snap every 15.2 seconds.

At the moment, Sanchez is also getting passes out quicker than Foles, which was another major criticism of the team's mainstay under center.

All of this suggests we need a bigger sample size, of course. Sanchez has played well against the Texans and Panthers, but will need to sustain himself against Green Bay this Sunday.

Is it possible that he is good enough to steal the job from Foles? What would Kelly do if Sanchez continued to run his offense to perfection?

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