Is Joe Flacco a riskier play than Jay Cutler?

Chicago and Baltimore are in the playoff hunt but they're not playing their best ball -- in part because of so-so quarterback play. Who's more of a risk: Jay Cutler or Joe Flacco?

Far be it from me to defend Captain Sullen, but in this case, it's got to be Flacco.

Got to disagree, homey. Cutler and that offense aren't doing much. Lack of defensive takeaways is now exposing the offensive issues. Not all of it is on Cutler -- especially the pass protection.

Flacco has better protection. Unlike Cutler, he's never suffered through a 50-sack season. In fact, he's been sacked an average of 3.3 times a game as a Bear. Flacco? 2.2 sacks per game.

Aaron Rodgers has been sacked more than any other QB in the NFL. Cutler is under pressure but he's got 17 TDs and 14 picks. Flacco is 20 and 10 -- more production, fewer mistakes.

Flacco has better weapons, too. I'd take Ray Rice over Matt Forte. Brandon Marshall is having a great year, but he's one guy.

Flacco has Torrie Smith, Anquan Boldin -- one of my favorites -- and Dennis Pitta, your nominee for Canton.

Flacco has more weapons and a better O-line.

Cutler still is playing with a better hand than he's had because Marshall is a BEAST. Thing is, like nearly all QBs with big arms, Cutler thinks he can throw the ball into needle eyes.

Did I mention that Flacco has had a vastly superior defense, at least until this season.

This is the first time Flacco has been asked to really carry a team and what happened? Three consecutive losses to good teams. Goodnight.

You, of all people, giving Flacco a bail out?

Look, the Bears are better with Cutler and he could get them into the playoffs. His risk-taking -- which sometimes is necessitated -- could also keep them out.

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