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Is Jeff Fisher worried about his job security in St. Louis?

Is Jeff Fisher worried about his job security in St. Louis? Should he be?

This is Fisher's 21st NFL season, so it's not like the question induces any panic in the 57-year-old anymore. He has had a long career. He made a Super Bowl on top of five other postseason appearances. Heading into this week's game against the Cardinals, he has a career record of 166-154-1.

"I've been doing this for probably short of 20 years, and I've never gone into a game or into a season worried about my job security," Fisher said, via The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "That would be unfair to the organization and unfair to the players. So I'm not concerned about that.

"What I'm concerned about is this week. I know that's not the answer you guys want to hear, but I'm concerned about this week. We're 3-0 in the division. We've got the division leader coming to town, and we're going to get ready to play."

This could be the time to point out that Fisher has not made the playoffs yet in St. Louis. He has not finished with more than seven wins in a season there after getting the job back in 2012. This could also be the time to point out that Fisher has not had a winning season on any team since 2008, when the Titans went 13-3 before losing a tight battle against the Ravens in their opening playoff game.

It was a fantastic coaching job that season. Fisher got more out of Kerry Collins and Chris Johnson than just about anyone could have imagined. In Tennessee, he got way more out of Vince Young than anyone could have ever imagined. But that was also seven years ago, and in a different city.

With a potentially massive relocation coming on the horizon, the Rams will have to decide if this was just Fisher laying the groundwork for an explosive team to come or whether this group will continue to pinball around a very good division with an excellent defense and budding stars on offense.

Fisher is absolutely right not to worry about his job security. He has been around long enough to know that it is not in his job description.

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