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Is Jeff Driskel making a run at 49ers starting gig?

If people are surprised by Trevor Siemian getting potential starter's snaps in Denver, just wait until Jeff Driskel takes control in San Francisco.

"I think he's done a really nice job," 49ers coach Chip Kelly said of the sixth-round pick and Louisiana Tech grad. "He's really intelligent. (He) picked things up conceptually very quickly. (He) was exposed to a couple of systems because he was at Florida and then Louisiana Tech.

"I think he's already been exposed to multiple systems at the college level, so we've been impressed with him. He's very athletic. I think he was the fastest quarterback at the combine. He's big. He's got a good arm."

While we may be a year away from entertaining this possibility seriously, the 49ers have already worked Driskel -- the fastest quarterback at this year's combine and former consensus top high school quarterback -- in as a personal protector on punts ("Never forget," Tim Tebow says).

Would it surprise us if Driskel ended up as the 49ers quarterback eventually? No. Driskel represents a classic comeback story -- injured, humbled and benched at the University of Florida -- and worked his way back into the conversation with some eye-popping numbers at Louisiana Tech. Kelly's system and theories often elicit an eye-roll from NFL quarterbacks for all the wrong reasons, but the hungry, athletic quarterback may be more inclined to take it seriously.

This is really Kelly's first chance to take a raw product at the NFL level and build him from the ground up.

While Blaine Gabbert has also done well to make the most of his second chance, Driskel seems to be right behind. If Colin Kaepernick doesn't run away with the job this summer, all bets are off.

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