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Is Jay Cutler making the right move with Chicago Bears?

Bears QB Jay Cutler said he'll play this season out before working on a contract extension with Chicago. Wise move?

It's the right thing. The precedent has been set with Joe Flacco. What's more, it's Cutler's way of acknowledging the expectations -- no, make that, the obligations -- of life as a franchise quarterback.

It might be the team's move. If the Bears were making an offer in the ballpark of what these other QBs have signed for, he would be quite brave to walk away from that security.

We know what Cutler has now: a great receiver, a great running back, a very good tight end and a somewhat improved line. We also know what he doesn't have: an excuse.

He also has a new coach and a new system to learn and an offensive line that's not so hot. The potential for ordinary -- and diminished monetary value -- is equal to his chance to break the bank.

Big arm, big talent. Where are the results? Just one 4,000 yard season. Never had a passer rating of 90 or better. And most revealing: no Super Bowl appearances.

Maybe that's why he might not have received a Tony Romo-like offer. Even though he's been to the playoffs, he hasn't done as much as a lot of QBs.

The least of the Bears problems would be figuring out how to pay a guy who actually got them to a Super Bowl or, God forbid, won it. Then again, that's not going to happen, is it?

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